Saturday, 19 April 2008

Free plush bear blog pattern

to download pattern, right click on image, scrole down to open link in new window, and print away:O)

Bear Plushie / softie free pattern / tutorial:

You will need:


Long nose forceps
Pinking shears (optional)
Fray check (optional)


( a ) A 12 inch wide by 7 inch high piece of plush or felt fabric at least
( b )A 4 inch by 2.5 inch piece of fabric of your choice for the tummy insert ( preferably non fray, or cut with pinking shears and outline with fray check)
( c ) A 2.5 inch by 1.5 inch piece of felt for the muzzle insert

Polyester stuffing
Thread for sewing
Embroidery floss for mouth
Safety eyes x 3, 2 x goggle, 1 x small black for nose

1. Print the free Plushie bear pattern, then glue the paper pattern to card board, when dry cut it out. (I find empty cereal boxes are perfect for this)

2. Fold the piece of fabric (a) in half so it measure 6 inch by 7 inch, right sides (fur) together.

3. Draw round the body pattern piece
4. Pin the fabric together

5. Sew down one side, starting at the ear, down the side nearest to the fold.

6. There are two options at this stage: (i) Easiest: continue to sew round the feet of the bear and up to the other ear, leave the space between the ears open for turning the bear. OR (ii) More Difficult: Unpin the fabric and unfold with the fabric now open find the centre and pin then sew the tummy insert into place. Fold the fabric back together and re-pin, then sew round the feet of the bear and up to the other ear, leaving the space between the ears open for turning.

7. Cut round the sewn bear and turn by hand or using long nose forceps

8. Pin muzzle in place and choose position of eyes, make holes and insert safety eyes and nose. Remove pins.

9. Embroider mouth detail of your choice.

10. Stuff bear, making sure you stuff snugly into the curls of his feet, and the little arms and ears.

11. Sew up head using ladder stitch.

12. Securely attach muzzle either using a ladder stitch or a running stitch. (If you haven’t yet done so now is the time to attach the tummy insert, using a running stitch.)

Your Plushie bear is now complete, feel free to do as you wish with your finished bear but please give me credit as the designer of the original pattern, and feel free to link back to the blog, thanks and hugs, I would love to see your finished Plushie. Enjoy Sammie :O) aka Quirky Critters xx

Bear with me if there are any errors in the pattern as this is my first time sharing, its a pretty straight forward pattern, but any problems drop me a email or comment.


Folksie Linda said...

What a nice thing to do is share a pattern of your softie bear.. that is so sweet of you Sammie! And might i add he is very cute too! Hope all is going well there and you are getting over the bug.. i had it all last week and just now catching up. Hugs, Linda

Quirky Critters said...

Thanks Linda, its good to share, so glad you like him. Feeling beter than I was, good to hear your over it, hugs Sammie:O)

hennie said...

Thank you for sharing yuor pattern. Here is my version for you to see.


Quirky Critters said...

Couple of years late hennie, but what an adorable plushie, thanks for sharing your version of my free pattern :O)