Tuesday, 29 January 2008

4 new Animes to make you smile

Well, my bear self has been busy creating lots of new critters for you to feast your eyes on. I finally finished a couple of mohair animes, ad two beary special shaggy animes. Sakura, a little winter wonder on ice-skates that i have to say I am thrilled with, this little sweetie can even stand on his hand made clay and ultra suede ice-skate, which is more than i can on the real thing, lol :O) The other shaggy anime is a special Valentines treat to steal your heart.
You can visit them all on Ebay at the mo. Link below.

I'm getting close to finishing some mohair micro animes and a special scene with some fab props I have been working on all month, so watch this space. And it is so time for another competition, especially with valentines day round the corner, I need to let you all know how much I appreciate you taking the time to stopping by and reading my waffle :O) So keep your eyes on my Ebay auctions and my blog to have a chance of winning a Quirky Critter.
Hugs and smile, Sammie:O) xx


Folksie Linda said...

Hi Sammie, Can't wait to see your micro mini's... i love anything tiny, tiny, tiny! Although it is so hard to see that small when you are creating!! Your bears are such a treat! Hugs, Linda

Quirky Critters said...

Hi Linda, hope your having a better week, watch this space for photos of my icros and their new home, hugs Sammie:O) xx