Saturday, 11 August 2007

Competition to win my 100th Bear

Hi, I'd like you to meet Ponko an little Black and white Anime Panda who is my 100th Bear, so to celebrate I'm giving you a chance to win him, the first person to answer correctly in the comment box will be the winner. I'm not giving any clues just yet, but if no one has answered correctly in a few days I'll give you a big clue. So her goes...

What type of famous stuffed animal is Ponko named after?

Here's Ponko with some other Panda Plushies, (L-R), Ponko(Black), Pookie(Pink) and Pindar(Brown). Pookie will soon be meeting her new Mum in the U.K and can't wait. And you can find Pindar on Ebay in a 1 day auction ending tomorrow, link below.

Thanks and Hugs Sammie:O)


lita28mya said...

Would it be Ponko the penguin by any chance?

shelley davis said...

Hi Sammie,
I love your bear. Is he by chance named after Hello Kitty's side kick? Oh I hope so, I would love to win one of your special creations.
Your princess bear for your neice is beautiful! The detail on her cape...the baby rose buds is so great.
Congratulations on #100 bear.
Sweetest regards,

Quirky Critters said...

Hi Lita, you got it in one, so are now Pongo the Pandas new Mummy, and he will be making his way to you very soon.

Quirky Critters said...

Hi Shelly, sorry he was named after the famous stuffed Penguine who belonged to the photographer who went with Captian Scott to Antartica around 100 years ago, Pongo the penguine also made the famous journey. Thanks for trying, and so glad you like my creations, hugs Sammie:O)